The forgotten organ

We are literally being poisoned by our environment and the food we consume. Yes! our food. 

It is actually a very scary realisation once you even skim the surface of the issue. Specifically I am talking about our exposure to toxins. 

Some from external and some from internal sources. Toxins that enter the body from our external environment are called exotoxins. Internal toxins which the body produces are called endotoxins which the body naturally produces from metabolites, hormones, antibodies and bacterial waste. 

We can exhibit great control over our health with daily exercise and food choices so this is something we must continue to make excellent choices on. We can even choose how we cope and manage stress. A huge factor in how the body detoxify’s itself. The world we live in ever more creates a more harmful environment for us which drastically affects our internal environment. Pre-agricultural humans lives was based on collecting, hunting and fishing. Once these tasks had been complete we were happy.  At this time environmental toxins saturation was very low, almost non existent.  This period corresponds to wild food and we cold only eat what was in season. It’s only really when the industrial age began that we started to become bombarded by toxins in the soil, air and water. And now in the 21st century we have to  contend with radiation form satellites, phones, wifi and the rest of it. 

We are literally involving alongside these outside influences. 

Toxins penetrate our environment. We are literally being assaulted and poisoned by radiation from communication devices, satellites and telephone masts. Ozone layer depletion, toxic metals such as lead, aluminium, cadmium and mercury found in pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, fumigants and fertilisers that leak in the soil and food. Bees are even die’ing out from the poisons we are using.  Not to mention the thousands of food additives, preservatives and artificial colourings that pervade the grocery shelf. Even fresh fruit and vegetables are not safe from being sprayed, treated with ripening agents and then preserved in wax. We haven’t even got to our water supply and air yet. That is another humungous concoction of toxins we are bombarded with. 

A shocking study conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) showed that 100% of the people studied had fat stores containing harmful chemicals styrofoam, pesticides and xylene (a solvent used in many industries). Further studies have found that levels of air pollution inside our homes and buildings are usually three times greater than the levels outside of the walls. Internal toxins are processed by the digestive system. A poorly functioning digestive system can lead to more toxification of your bodies. Many toxins from our external environment become part of our internal environment as we eat, drink and breathe them in. Our intestines now have become an organ of self defence as they protect us from these poisons.

According to the EPA approximately 87,000 chemicals are in use today; in our environment.  62, 000 of these are chemicals with the ability to cross into our cell membranes and potentially disrupt cellular functions. Only a fraction of these substance are screened by the EPA. We are exposed to these chemicals constantly, its actually really hard to avoid them. The only real way is to go live off grid. However knowing where these chemicals and toxins are can help us make better decisions. 

These chemicals include pesticides and organochlorine pesticides (fat soluble so easily mix with nerve, brain, cell and fat tissue) . Both are found in food production , shampoo, diapers, carpets, paint, mattresses, contact lens – this list is scary. Many of these pesticides work by destroying neurotransmitters in insects. Chronic exposure and exposure over years to humans is known to damage human neurological pathways, immune system and the endocrine system (hormone function). 

So what is this forgotten organ I speak of; I hear you thinking. Well it is the liver. The liver is the principle organ for detoxification. Your life and my life depend on the livers optimal  function as the primary defence against toxins that enters our bloodstream. The liver consists of four lobes ; two which have arteries supplying the liver with blood from the heart and two which have veins taking used blood back to the lungs to re-oxygenate. About 1.5litres of blood enters the liver every minute and about 300ml can be stored. The livers normal functions is for more blood to enter than can be removed. The liver filters and detoxify’s the blood but also contributes to anabolic and catabolic processes in the body by using hundreds of enzymes and some amino acids for binding processes and expulsion  processes. The liver also stores glycogen (stored form of carbs) which is then broken down to glucose(blood sugar) for energy in muscles, brain and CNS. It is an extremely  complicated process and involves hundred for enzymes and biochemicals. 

The liver is a highly important organ performing hundreds of functions and decontamination processes. “Kupffer cells” in the liver help to remove dead cells, bacteria, toxins, foreign substances, metabolic waste products, by converting them to water soluble compounds that can be excreted as urine. Any substances that cant be made water soluble will be transformed by the liver into bile and excreted when you go for a number two. Anything else is excreted through the skin or lungs. Toxins that remain accumulate in adipose tissue. We literally store toxins if there is too much being ingested and if the liver struggles to excrete them via thee water soluble process. 

The liver detoxifies in two phases and both phases need to work optimally for us to be protected against foreign bodies. The system will break down (which is a slow process it does not happen at the flick of a switch) when the rate of exposure to toxins is greater than it can handle. The greater the demand on the liver to detoxify, the more toxins will hang around, the greater chance they start to damage our cellular structures such as mitochondria (power house of cells), DNA and RNA (DNA makes RNA; RNA makes proteins). Obviously if the liver doesn’t receive the necessary nutrients to perform its role it will become overwhelmed and release these toxins to other organs and tissues adversely impairing them. Most virus’  infect us from contaminated food, water, air or radiation pollution.

3 tips to keep our liver functioning optimally  


Oxidation is a biochemical reaction that inactivates or destroys chemicals by transfer of oxygen and loss of electrons. Oxidation also happens in metabolic processes (creation of energy). A free radical is then created ; management of free radicals is critical for health and prevention of diseases. Free radical production is kept in balance by antioxidants. The most important antioxidant is ‘glutathione’ and used by every cell in the body. Dietary sources of  ‘glutathione’ include fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and meat. 

Alpha lipoic acid  is often referred to as the universal antioxidant since it is both fat soluble and water soluble. This enables ALA to be involved  in protection of every part of the body. ALA is the superstar antioxidant because it helps to generate the activity of other antioxidants including Vitamin E, glutathione and CoQ10. ALA helps to detoxify and chelate mercury, lead and chromium. Chelate means bind to, so thus helping to remove through the binding process. Supplementing ALA is a great decision. 


Fasting slows down phase one detoxification which allows the liver some breathing space to clean up toxins. A high vegetable and low animal protein diet can also slow phase one detoxification. Basically you don’t want a speed up phase one detoxification because it creates too much work for the liver. Too much work equals more stored toxins. More adipose tissue increases the chances of toxin storage. This is why carrying too much fat is linked to a whole host of illnesses – simply because the body cant cope with the amount of toxins stored in itself. 


Exercise is an essential tool for detoxification. Regular physical activity can speed up the excretion of toxins. However how much and what type of exercise is very important. Exercise and the creation of energy(metabolism) creates oxidative stress and free radicals. Not all exercise is created equal. If you have chosen a poor modality which creates too much oxidative stress you are creating internal toxins; which you may not be able to excrete. Thus creating more stress for the body to deal with. 

Look after yourself  – so your body can do what it was designed to do. 

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