Stop wasting your gym membership

It’s now April and all those new year resolutions gym goers have given up the ghost. They haven’t seen the results that they expected to, most likely because they were the ones using child’s weights on the hip adductor machines whilst focusing more on the hilarious meme they received in their group chat. Worse yet, they spend an hour of their one hour and ten minute ‘workout’ to find the perfect lighting for a selfie (future reference, just ask one of the regulars to save yourself time). My point is, most people don’t train hard enough or intensely enough to justify #beastmode on their photos!

Firstly, remember that in order to train with intensity, you’ve got to have the damn energy to complete that workout. Yes, motivation and determination play a huge factor but you need to fuel your body. I understand the great desire to go to the gym and lose weight (been there, done that) but 800 calories per day  is only going to throw your body into starvation mode and without calories, you have no energy. Your best weapon for changing your body is intense weight and strength training. The best type training to sculpt your physique is bodybuilding of course. so what must we do? FUEL UP!

As a general rule of thumb (mainly if you have attention span issues), keep workouts to a maximum of 1 hour. Go hard, or go home. The idea is to plan your workouts, have a plan, focus, be determined and get to it. You’ve made that effort to get yourself to the gym, so why waste your time when you’re there? Limiting yourself to an hour means that you can work out with greater intensity. Is there really any point is staying longer than an hour if all you’re doing is Tinkerbelle lifting? (picture it, I dare you).



Then there’s the topic that never escapes us, social media. It affects our workouts more than we like to believe because instead of maintaining intensity, we focus on filming ourselves and finding perfect camera angles (not all of us, but I would say a lot of us), increasing our 60 second breathers to 3 minute breaks. STOP WASTING YOUR POTENTIAL! Stop seeking recognition from others (generally in form of likes, views, followers). Motivation can be tough enough without the added pressure of pleasing tens, hundreds or thousands of followers on Facebook or Instagram. What is important is self-recognition and your belief in YOURSELF! In the long run, your self-achievements will OVERCOME anything you ever did to please another person. If motivating others is really your intention; focus on you. Focus on improving your workouts and working out intensely to better your health, your physique and your inner self.

REMEMBER: gains can come all of a sudden (newbie gains), they can stick around, they can plateau and other times it can take 4-6 week to see new ones… BUT KEEP MOTIVATED. Don’t let this stop you giving everything to your workouts. Because one morning, you’ll look in the mirror and be amazed at what you’ve achieved (the complete opposite to thinking ‘gosh, I can’t believe I’ve put on so much weight).

I know, too well, that the gym can be daunting and scary. It’s hard to train with intensity when you have no idea what you’re doing or you’re stuck in a rut, you need a change. Being in the gym constantly and being very observant i would say 75% of members are wasting their gym membership. I see them 3-4 times per week for a whole year and little to no change to their strength or physique; do not be this person, do not fall into this category. There is so much information out there and contradicting myths, that it can be intimidating. But if you look hard enough and search for credible sources you will find good , strong information to push you along in your own training.

If you have any questions, or need a change with your workouts, feel free to contact our team;

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Or myself (on the details below).


Victoria Goodrum


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