Life Over Diets

It doesn’t matter who you speak to these days, the conversation always leads back to diet! ‘I can’t, I’m on a diet’, ‘this diet is killing me’ and my personal favourite ‘I’m starting my diet Monday’. The day that never comes. The real question is, are we letting these so called ‘diets’ affect our daily living and quality of life?

Dieting to the general population is consistent with calorie restrictions, the belief that less calories means less body weight, and less body weight obviously means that you look ‘skinnier’, more attractive and in turn, healthier. FALSE! Who are we kidding? Everyone loves a good curve (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). One person could consume 2,200 ‘healthy’ calories (and by healthy I mean non-processed, grilled, not dunked in chip fat and a few greens thrown in, and green jelly beans do NOT count) in comparison to another persons one or two meals totalling 1,200 ‘dirty’ calories (greasy burgers and chips, drizzled in peri-peri sauce and mayonnaise). Just because the second person (who obviously treats their body like a temple) has eaten less calories, this does not mean that they will feel healthier.


It seems that with the selfie craze taking over, people are more concerned about the way that they look (in their mostly edited photos) than they are invested in their health and their ability to make it through a day without feeling sluggish and tired. This is possibly due to the fact that there is a tight correlation to how we look and feel. You take a good photo, Instagram it, get a lot of likes, feel fantastic! We’ve all fallen victim to it at one stage or another. But quality of life is not merely about cutting ourselves off from food and calories, and/or eating what you like, when you like, but considering the condition of your body. If you provide it with quality foods, you’re going to feel better for it and make it through the day, feeling like Rocky at the top of the steps (crowd roars). I’m not suggesting that you should go out and buy everything organic. Your diet should be financially sustainable to you (so may be just shop at Lidl instead of Waitrose).

The affects of aging (which nobody likes to see in the mirror) can be accelerated by processed foods and hydrogenated fats, sleep deprivation, ingesting toxics (alcohol and cigarettes), environmental chemicals (food additives), poor blood sugar management and nutrient deficiencies (vitamin D, zinc). Basically, your diet and lifestyle! Everything is ok in moderation, but you’ve got to get the balance right. If you’re a person who is always go, go, go and fails to food prep, the following foods will help to provide important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can minimise cell damage and boost your immune system:

  • BLUEBERRIES protect cells, lower inflammation and strengthen your immune system.
  • RED BERRIES contains ellagic acid which protects the body against cancer-causing agents in diet and the environment.
  • DARK GREEN VEGGIES possess nutrients that fight disease and include vitamins A, C, E and calcium
  • DRIED FRUIT satisfies your sweet tooth, provides a source of fibre, minerals and nutrients.
  • NUTS provide healthy fats, and each type of nuts offers different minerals

If you want to live a better quality of life, balance your lifestyle and diet in a way that suits your needs. Don’t live by someone else’s obsessive and restrictive calorie counting! But more importantly, don’t forget to treat yourself! Diets shouldn’t be TOO depressing, nor should they be something that you absolutely hate.

Victoria Goodrum

Power Moves Fitness Blogger

IG : @_moooody


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