Women & Fitness

Women and fitness. Where do I begin? Every woman has a different goal because we’re all individual. Some want to slim down and lose weight, others want to get ‘toned’, whilst the rest of us want to get big and strong! Me? I’m the latter. I want to be strong and muscular, but with a female touch (enter Dana Linn Bailey, but I’d settle for Cass Martin).

I’m the kind of girl that doesn’t agree with ‘female only’ areas in the gym. Don’t get me wrong, I do understand some of the reasonings for this, but hardly seems fair that the boys should get a larger weight area than the girls! More importantly, isn’t this a community of which we support and help better one another? A females potential should not be hindered because of her lack of confidence. Admittedly, I was one of those girls, nervous and anxious to leave the ‘female only’ area in my new gym. In fact, it took me a good few months to pluck up the courage the first few times I moved gyms (ask my partner, anyone would think it was my first day of play school, it was like I had to be walked in), which meant that I was left with the 10kg dumbbells and a couple of cables to work with. I worried about people staring at me, I’m sure they could tell by my lack of confidence that I had no idea what I was doing and that made me want to run back to that safe area. Oh, how times have changed! I’ve since been able to educate myself (through stupendous amounts of information online) and be educated by others, of which has only increased my confidence and knowledge.



I’m extremely competitive and I love to try and keep up with the boys. And despite the fact I’m welcomed with comments (surprisingly from family and friends) such as ‘you’re gonna look like a man’, ‘ewww, look at your muscles’ and ‘you’re getting too big’, it hasn’t stopped me. The fact is, these things might cross your mind when you look at a #flexfriday picture, but I don’t walk around with a post-workout pump all day, everyday. My physique is subtle in appearance and I weight a measly 61kg. How on earth can that be too big? The truth is, my diet is only enough to sustain the size of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s arm! There’s a lot of information out there that can scare you, and there’s a lot of myths about women and training. But you will not grow bulging biceps over night. That takes endless months and years of dedication in the gym day in and day out. Girls get a bad wrap for lifting heavy weights but those skills we possess in those sessions transfer into every day life; motivated, determined, hard working, go getter. Be the best version of you and worry only about what you think of yourself.


Dana Linn Bailey

“Be Proud Of Who You Are”



ME. (2017). Because in my journey, only

I matter. Be a better and stronger version of yourself to inspire and motivate others.London: Strong Is Beautiful.


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