Fish Oil & Krill Oil

A lot of experts would advise you to supplement with fish oil; especially if its one of the few supplements you use. Fish oil containing the fatty acids EPA and DHA are very powerful due to outside layer (lipid) of all human cells containing these fatty acids.

So if this compound is literally in every fibre of your being why would you not add it in high doses to your diet. These lipids allow for better signalling between cells and in layman terms will help your body burn fat stores for energy rather than solely glucose from carbohydrates.

Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil or oily fish is particularly beneficial. They have been shown to reduce the tendency of blood to clot, lower blood triglyceride levels, lower total cholesterol levels and in some individuals to raise HDL cholesterol, all of which are thought to lower the risk of CHD (coronary heat disease).

Fish oil also has a very high thermic effect, triggering the body to burn more calories following digestion and while at rest. One study showed when men increased their fish oil intake from half a gram to 3 gram(3,ooomg)  for 2 weeks, thermic effect had increased by 51 percent!.. 51 percent!! that is an insane amount. I mean you would be hugely misinformed not to be taking this supplement.

When choosing a fish oil brand, always go go for a quality brand. one which has a high dose of EPA and DHA levels. One also which is a high dose so you don’t end up taking lots of the pills. A good place to start is a brand and pill with minimum 1g/1,000mg dose and 300mg+ active EPA/DHA levels.

Supplementing a high optimal dose can have benefits like :

  • reducing body fat and helping to maintain a lean physique
  • Reducing mental stress and lowering adrenal activation
  • Improving metabolic health and regulating hormone function
  • Boosting cognitive function and mood
  • Improving immunity and cellular function



So we have talked  about the benefits of supplementing fish oils. I don’t think I need to rant on anymore about why a product like fish oil is so important to optimize heath. This is due to the high levels off omega 3 fatty acids. However there has been another  fantastic new supplement that is finding its way into our day to day lives, and it is krill oil.

Krill oil is well worth shouting about. It has a higher concentration of omega 3 fatty acids and a stronger ability to shuttle copious amounts of omegas into your body.

Krill oil is very effective at helping you to:

  • Protect your heart
  • Uphold brain heath, improve concentration, learning and memory
  • Improving joint lubrication and function
  • Boosting immune function
  • Sustain healthy cholesterol levels
  • Easing pre-menstrual distress such as cramps and fluid retention
  • Providing well-being and healthier looking skin


The list of advantages from supplementing krill oil is too long to carry on. Without your health you don’t have much. Fish oil and krill oil supplementation gives humans the ability to protect health, feel better, look younger and live for longer. One of the most exciting and stand out qualities of krill oil is its speed of taking effect. A study in the American journal of nutrition analysed the effectiveness of krill oil.

In just 14 days’ participants experienced reduction in joint stiffness and an increase in mobility. In another study participant of which 30 adults with attention difficulties took part. After just 90 days of supplementing krill oil they were shown to have increased mental concertation and mental focus.

Furthermore, krill oil contains the powerful antioxidant astaxanthin; which has the rare ability to cross the blood brain barrier and maintain cellular integrity.


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