Optimally Eating

 Day after day, every morning millions of people sit at the breakfast table staring at the packet of cereal reading the RDA’s. “one serving provides thiamine, riboflavin, niacin” and together with some clever advertising this convinces you that out mediocre and just satisfactory diet gives us everything we need.

No doubt this is the biggest lie and misconception in healthcare today. This is a belief based on wrong information and a complete misunderstanding of the nature of the human body.

Comparatively speaking humans have gone from cave man to factory worker living on flour and sugar overnight; its bonkers.

RDA is the recommended daily allowance of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) for the average person to fend off diseases such a s scurvy, rickets and marasmus. Set by the government this guideline is the bare minimum and does not take into account environmental factors like pollution, stress, contact with other humans who maybe ill. Also does it not consider that everyone is unique and have their own specific requirements based on genetics nor does it take into account exercise or the stress off work.

An optimum intake of vitamins and minerals is easily ten times the amount of the RDA. Why give your body the minimum when you can give it the maximum? Going into detail about the optimum daily allowance of each micronutrient is beyond me and beyond the scope of this humble book.

Over 10,000 years ago we as humans used to eat very differently in contrast to today’s mass media influenced poor standards. Our bodies in an evolutionary sense is still more in sync with our ‘caveman’ ancestors. They are what we call Palaeolithic people. Relating to that early stage of stone age.


Palaeolithic people were hunter gatherers eating only meat, poultry, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruit, miniscule amounts of starch and virtually no sugar. Apart from the occasional honey comb stolen from bees. Also take note; by the time they searched for a honey comb, climbed the tree, took a stinging from the bees and scurried off to save their skin. They would have burnt off enough calories to allow for a couple mouthfuls of honey.

Personally I don’t recall ever seeing a depiction of an overweight or obese caveman; EVER!! The contemporary concept of the body as a machine is the product of the industrial age. Agriculture and the industrial revolution, which didn’t happen that long ago compared to how long man has existed on earth.

These two events have funnelled people into towns and cities to provide labour. This change from hunter gatherer to a canary eating grains all day is too short of a timescale. A few hundred years is far from enough time to change our genetics.


These early factory workers were fed on a diet consisting of fat, sugar and refined sugar. Biscuits and cakes was the staple. Flour was refined along with sugar and trans-fats were created to prolong shelf life and boost sensations. This cheap energy providing food was and still is considered fuel. The westernised high carb, high sugar, high trans-fat, high stimulant diet was born.  Not surprisingly population health has declined and still is declining.

Along with this poor culture of eating habits, new diseases and illnesses have surfaced. For example, diabetes and the worse one, cancer; are relatively new illnesses. Since th1 1900’s people have actually started to be smaller in size as full grown adults, fact!


These new age products are brainwashed into our shopping baskets. Also giant companies and the government manipulate these products into our children’s mouths. There are now massive amounts of people who go to the gym or workout and those who do not train who have decided to eat paleo. They are reaping the benefits of a healthy natural optimal diet free from artificial refined rubbish that is called food.


Quoting Gregg Glassman creator of crossfit

“it’s the perimeter of the grocery store”

Glassman says stick to the meat perishable produce section (the perimeter) of a supermarket and it’ll be hard to go wrong or be tempted.

A Palaeolithic diet consist only of:

  • Organic / grass fed meat and poultry
  • Organic organ meats
  • Free range eggs
  • Plenty of fruits
  • Plenty of vegetables, root veggies: carrots, turnips etc.
  • Plenty of broad green leafed veggies; spinach, lettuce, kale etc.
  • Bulbs; onions, garlic etc.
  • Plenty of nuts and seeds


The paleo diet is very effective and has so many health benefits. It is also worth considering if you are lactose intolerant, suffer from internal bowls syndrome or any other ailment affected by diary and wheat.

A paleo diet cuts out grain, bread and dairy products like cheese, milk and yoghurt. Sticking to a strict paleo diet can be difficult for some and it is not suitable for everyone.  However, drawing influence on the basic concepts and using it as inspiration can be excellent direction to go towards in regards to your daily food and meal habits. The exclusion of processed food is a massive improvement to be made for everyone; whilst also reducing sugar, heavily refined carbohydrates and trans-fats.


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