Beat Sugar & Obesity

This is first time in human history that children are expected to live shorter lives than their parents due to sugar consumption. (Pretty heavy opening statement I know.)

Let’s rewind, the population has developed a phobia of carbs, this has come about from diets which manipulate macros with high fats and low carbs. These diets work because there is no easier way to put on weight than consuming high amounts of carbs, the livestock industry thrives of this fact and as a nation our diets are highly carb dependent. Our bodies can only store so much carbs before it is synthesised in fatty acid and stored in our fat cells. The alarming thing about this, which you can easily observe from our population, is that fat stores are pretty much unlimited. Our fat cells can expand when necessary and even multiply (scary). This wouldn’t and shouldn’t be a problem and diets, as mentioned above, shouldn’t leave the nation carb scared with terrible diets if we didn’t have an addiction to carbs. However, the problem is real and that problem is sugar, sugar is the simplier form of carbs. Scientifically our brain lights up the when we consume sugar the same way an addict’s brain lights up when they consume cocaine..We are addicted to the white stuff (sugar), we have no control and of course, it’s easy to find/consume it without even knowing because it is in everything!

Another mahossive issue minus the addiction is that we get trapped in a vicious circle. When we eat sugary goods it spikes our blood sugar levels which triggers an insulin response. High sugar levels are rapidly mopped up by insulin leaving us with a drastic drop in blood sugar. This sudden high followed by a low, opens up our appetite and we are left feeling hungry, so what do we do? Of course, we eat more of the mouthwatering goods, when in fact our body doesn’t need anymore carbs, especially refined simple carbs but at this stage in the viscous cycle those carbs are stored as fat and we start piling on the pounds (shocker). An additional downfall of sugar consumption is that it does not elevate leptin, a hormone which signals fullness adding to the weight gain and leaving ourselves vulnerable to obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes and disease.

Fructose was thought of to be a great substitute for glucose as it doesn’t effect insulin, fructose is the sugar derived from fruits/ veg. Research proved when we consume food with added fructose it slows down our metabolic rate, stops fat burning, increasing visceral belly fat and accumulates fat in the liver leading to decrease insulin response. These are reactions from the liver when we consume too much fructose, small quantities in fruit are ok.


Sugar shouldn’t be ruled out of our diets completely but the average person eats way too much of it. This is some what due to the fact that sugar is in a lot of the foods we consume and added into nearly all processed foods. So we may be eating sugar without even knowing. Become conscious about what you are eating check the labels for added sugar content, more often than not low fat means high sugar. I would recommend avoiding fruit juices or drinks with sugar as liquid sugar is rapidly converted into fat.

If you take anything away from this blog let it be these three powerfully facts;

  1. The brain lights up the same way it does with sugar as it does with cocaine
  2. This is the first time in human history that children are expected to live shorter lives than their parents
  3. The way in which we eat has changed more in the last 50 years than it has in the previous 10,000

P.S. Please, please, please from the bottom of my heart stop saying a pizza is a vegetable because it has so much tomato in them. Pizza is not a vegetable, what tree does a pizza grow on? I mean, it would be awesome but don’t let the media turn you into a mushed brain zombie soaking up ridiculous statements and I can refrain from wanting to rip my own arm of just so I have something to throw at you (friends reference).

Danielle Lennon

Powermoves fitness


IG: @meet_danielle


Fed up 2014, documentary, atlas films, US.

Food inc 2010, documentary, participant media, US.

Friends 1994, sitcom, warner Bros. television, US.


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