I don’t squat

Let’s talk squats, the latest fitness obsession, there is a reason why there has been a drowning amount of social media posts surrounding squats lately. Squats are quite possibly the greatest exercise known to mankind. Also they are just so much fun! Squats pretty much work the whole body; quadriceps, hamstring, glutes, back muscles, core;  and is quite possibly the best workout for quad and glute growth hands down. Squats come in many forms, shapes and sizes but let’s stick to the conventional squat (ass to grass) for this blog.

There is a ton of information out there based around building your legs and glutes however there isn’t a whole lot of information for those that have been genetically blessed with naturally big quads (quadzilla) and just want to maintain the shape and/or size while the rest of your body catches up. For those fortunate to be genetically blessed squats can be a big mistake for this scenario.

However if the thought of not squatting is leaving you curled up in the fetal position quivering in the middle of a public room what you want to do is aim for high reps with low weight. Aim for 15-20 rep range, this rep range exhausts the muscles preventing it from increasing in size and leaving a massive pump, whilst sculpting the leg muscles. This method can be applied to other multi joint leg exercises.

img_3875The best thing I found to do is single joint exercises which isolates the quads like leg extensions, with minimal rest in between sets. Performing isolated exercises will keep your quads lean, tight and defined without them growing an awful lot. Minimising the rest increases the intensity thus increasing the amount of calories burned, keeping them lean. Single joint exercise rep range does not have to be as high as multi joint reps I tend to aim between 10-15. Increasing the intensity even further, super sets can be thrown in giving maximum burn.

So how do you grow your glutes without growing your quads. As i said above squats are the best exercise for growing glutes but it grows your quads along with it. So what do you do besides bang your head against a brick wall? You choose isolated glute exercises these include but aren’t limited to:

Cable kick backs

Donkey kicks

Glute bridges

BB Hip thrusters

This doesn’t mean you cant/shouldn’t throw in a few heavy leg multi joint moves every now and again just be prepared for the pump the next day!

Also make sure to work the hamstrings. These posterior muscles have a massive function in the lower body, add to the glute shape and keeps your  physique balanced.   Having big quads means you need to take extra care to ensure your hamstrings are balanced with your quad size, trust me I’ve been there it looks ridiculous! This imbalance tends to occur because you can’t see the back half of your body meaning alot of focus is lost until one day you prance past the mirror in all your glory to catch a jaw dropping shockingly imbalance quad to hamstring ratio. On that note when involving multi joint exercises full rep range should be performed, this ensures the hamstring and glutes are activated maximally encouraging an all round balanced leg ratio.

Danielle Lennon

Instagram: meet_danielle

Email : Danielle@powermovesfitnesslondon.com






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